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“I think every woman should have a boudoir shoot. It is a celebration of the self, and not just the beautiful inside, but the beautiful outside that we all too often criticize and beat down. It is the recapturing of an innate memory of how it feels to just exist in your body, without judgement, and with complete and total acceptance. When Nicole stands behind that camera, you know that for her it isn’t just about getting that beautiful photograph, it is about making a woman feel beautiful, but most importantly, she shows you how beautiful you actually are.

Nicole, Thank You.“  -Heidi K.

“My outdoor boudoir experience with Lilac & Fern Photography was so unique and special, it was more than I could have ever hoped for. It was truly an experience of empowerment and self love that matches nothing else I have ever done. I loved the personal lingerie shopping experience with Nicole herself, the fabulous job ‘Ohana Salon did styling my hair & the gorgeous make-up artistry by Candace at Dotted wth Hearts. The whole experience made me feel special and Nicole’s personal touch in everything is so apparent and amazing.”  -Miss E

“Shooting a boudoir was a wonderful experience! Nicole was so patient with me. She helped me decide what to wear for the shoot. She handed me my blanket while I was trying to be tough and pretend I was warm while shooting in the snow. Furthermore, she guided me through any questions I had. Nicole made me feel so comfortable with myself. Nicole not only takes beautiful pictures, but she creates works of art through her lens and gives you an experience that is truly magical. I feel so fortunate to have been photographed by Nicole!!!

Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful experience!”  -Miss A.

“We are so in love with everything you showed us [at the reveal.] my other half gushed about the boudoir once we were alone:-) And I left feeling as beautiful as he tells me I am! Thank you for helping me see it!  -Mrs. D

“Lilac & Fern did an absolutely breathtaking job!  Nicole was just so sweet and encouraging throughout.  My sister-in-law was there, too, and we al had a blast; I totally felt like a super-model!”  -Miss I

“Going into something like this without any experience was exciting and quite nerve-wracking. But Nicole helped me pose and made me feel beautiful, mysterious, and sexy for my boyfriend. And he loves his little black book!”  -Miss J

“This was the first boudoir that I have done with my husband. We thought, ‘Heck, we’re getting this awesome hotel room-why not get photos done to celebrate our 5 years of marriage as well as our youth and love.’ So, that is what we did. We were both incredibly comfortable with Nicole and each other and created a wonderful compilation of photos together! They are beautiful, sexy, and classy! Thank you!!!!”  -Marissa & Adam

“I always wanted to have beautiful photos of myself but I never had a chance.  I do not feel confident in my body so I was very nervous.  But, I have been following Nicole’s photography work and I knew she would do a really good job and I felt confident having her take photos of me.  She made me feel very comfortable and I feel I love my body more.  She pulled my personality for others to see.”  -Miss V

“With Nicole, I finally understand how worth it a professional photographer like her is – the moments she captures are priceless. The experience of a shoot is more than just having a nice camera – the interaction with the photographer and how she makes you feel is what makes the session translate to truly magical photos. That’s why Nicole’s kindness, patience, and lightheartedness made her the best person to work with.”  -Miss. B

“The entire experience has been wonderful. I’ve traveled to new places, seen gorgeous settings, and felt not only as if I’ve simply, ‘Had photos taken,’ but really met someone extraordinary in my community.  The entire process felt exciting and fun. And better still, Nicole really gave me the chance to share aspects of myself in an honest, innocent way. Completely unforgettable.”  -Dakoda