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Outdoor Boudoir

The primary goal for most boudoir is to show the beauty of the feminine form.  With my shooting style, taking place outdoors, posing flows in a more natural way.  It’s easier for you to laugh and take a deep breathe to just celebrate yourself and turn the focus to who you are and away from the hyper-sexualized aspect that boudoir can easily become.  Those candid photos, where you’re relaxed and vulnerable, are slivers in time, paused, that show so much more than just a sexy pose and pouty lips.

And Colorado offers so many gorgeous options, it only seems fitting to get outdoors.  We have the Rockies, lakes, forests, red rocks in incredible formations, and open fields.  We’ll work together to find a place you love and feel comfortable in so the photos you walk away with remind you of your beauty, your strength, and all the qualities that make you who you are all in a place that you love and is an extension of this time in your life.  They’ll forever be a reason to celebrate all you are, all you’ve been through, and all you will become.

Outdoor Boudoir sessions begin at $299 and include:

  • Consult over coffee where we’ll chat about your session, go over expectations, what to wear, and officially book your session
  • Gift card to the area’s best lingerie shop so you can treat yourself to something new and surprise your fella with some new pieces
  • Professional hair & make-up
  • 90-minute session
  • Private, in person reveal where you’ll choose the photos you love most and place the order for your album and any extra goodies
  • *Albums begin at $700. Most client choose to invest about $1,400 in their boudoir experience

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