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About Me

In my late 20s I began to see and understand the importance of self-acceptance.  I was finally overcoming an eating disorder that, for over a decade, stole so much happiness and nearly killed me.  Somewhere along the way, I realized that impressing everyone was so not a priority.  Life is about enjoying the journey and experiencing, and embracing, everything possible.  I missed so much because of my illness and, while I sometimes wish I had those years to re-do, I know that those years reinforced my belief that women need to see their beauty both inside and out.

Being the vessel to give you a better view into your true beauty is something that drives my work. My goal, and the reason I primarily shoot outdoors, is to de-sexualize boudoir and remind you that you’re perfect as you are by photographing you in a neutral, pretty place. Being outdoors is grounding and gives you the chance to laugh and take a deep breathe to just celebrate yourself. Those candid photos, where you’re relaxed and vulnerable, are slivers in time, paused, that show so much more than just a sexy pose.

These photos you walk away with will remind you of your beauty, your strength, and all the qualities that make you who you are. They’ll forever be a reason to celebrate all you are, all you’ve been through, and all you will become.


Bicycling is super important to me. Wherever I go, the bialahou comes with me; from Alaska to our 10-month cross-country adventure where I pedaled every National Park we visited. Bicycling is my preferred mode of transportation.

I’ve recently added meditation to my mornings and evening and it’s made a huge difference for me. I love the quiet and calmness that it brings.

Antarctica is my dream vacation. I have a 10-year goal to get there, hubster and kiddos in tow. The ice fascinates me and I briefly considered studying glaciology but I’m terrible at math.