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Fort Collins, Colorado Boudoir | PRINT SALE

Hey!  If you follow me on the Instagram and check out my stories, this post isn’t new news.  I hit a snag last week with a trifecta of uncool things.  So, rather than toss in the towel, I’m hosting a flash sale of some of my most popular images.  So, if you want some snazzy wall art, now’s the time!  Plus, I’ll be forever grateful!  Like super duper grateful!

To place an order, either email me or text me the image number and title that you’d like in print and let me know if you want it printed on a silk finish paper (not actual silk) or printed directly onto metal.  And, because one of the woes is technology hating me, a follow-up text to your email is a super great idea!  If you don’t hear from me within 24 hours, drop me another line; I don’t want you to think I’m ignoring you!

The sale will remain up only for the 6th and 7th of July.  Be sure to email me ( or text me (970-443-1482) to place your order before midnight the 7th.

Pricing is as follows:

8×10 Silk Print (photographic paper with a gorgeous texture, not actual silk), $65

11×14 Silk Print, $90

8×10 Metal Print (printed directly onto a thin sheet of aluminum, ready to frame), $90

11×14 Metal Print, $120

Shipping: $6-12


*Once placed, orders may not be canceled; all sales are final

*Logo will not be on the print or metal