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Fort Collins, Colorado - Outdoor Boudoir Photography

“Nicole is one of those brilliant ladies who sees the beauty in all people. It’s like she’s got this inherent wisdom that just strips away ones insecurities and serves up this bowl of delicious positivity, presented with ornately woven threads of wonder and appreciation for the way that you are; in all your perfect and imperfect ways of being. I can’t say enough about the experience. ” - Heidi K.

Fort Collins, Colorado Boudoir | Miss S

“Be kinder to yourself.  And then let your kindness flood the world.” -Pema Chodron The prettiest women are […]

Fort Collins, Colorado Boudoir | Mr & Mrs F

Couples boudoir are always an adventure.  And, to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, this duo gifted themselves a […]

Fort Collins, Colorado Boudoir | Miss L

Colorado has an endless supply of beautiful locations to shoot outdoor boudoir but, I’ve come across what may […]

Fort Collins, Colorado Boudoir | My Story

Trying to articulate why boudoir fuels my soul and my creative side has been a struggle. I want the […]